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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Naming characters

Nothing creative, just a thought. If I were writing a villain for a fantasy novel, I think her name would be Brittany or Tiffany. His name would be Joe or Frank. After all, aren't there enough Voldemorts and Venificus' and Saurons... There could be a whole plot thing about the fact that the hero/ine is amazed by the name. I guess I'm just starting to think that some of the villain names out there are getting a bit silly.

It would only work in an urban fantasy, of course. If I had to make up an entire world, the names would have to be made up. But why aren't there very many common names in fantasy novels, eh? Personally, I work with three other people that share mine. Surely, there'd be more than one parent who likes a certain name in any other culture. Enough overlap, at least, that the characters would likely repeat a name somewhere. Logically, anyway.

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