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Saturday, December 30, 2006

One-Eye and the UFO

She's on a deadline again. We rush and rush and She looks at the clock and mutters to Herself. Then She spits on one of the Greens, jabs him in my eye and we all go in and out and in and out and in and out again and again. One of these days I'm going to do it. I'm going to bite Her like some of the others have. I wonder if She's going to use a different Color anytime today? I'm getting bored.

An hour later

The lights are out and I'm tucked neatly away in bed. She made a nice little bed for us a few weeks ago. There's room for the 24's, the 26's and my kind, the 28's. She uses us more, so there are more of us. I still have a bit of a Green sticking in me, but Sticker has Black in him, so I'm not really complaining. Black is so morose. Greys are even worse, but Black is still never cheerful.

All in all, I think I like Greens the best. They are calm. Well, mostly calm. That silly Lime-Green is a little brat. Yellows are too cheerful. The Whites and Ecru are boring. Reds and Browns are just unpredictable; they can be really nice or really tempermental. Purples are snobs and Blues try to be everyone's best friend. I mean, really, why would I want to be friends with someone I'm never going to see again after he gets poked in my eye and then gets snipped?

Sticker is sleeping next to Rusty. Rusty is the oldest. He tells us stories of past works. He tells us about when She learned new things and taught us. One time, when we were on a job, Rusty told me about a friend of his, Pokey. Pokey was even older than Rusty. Well, one day when Pokey was going in and out and in and out, he just snapped. Rusty said She just pulled Pokey out, took the Color out of his eye and threw him away. She just threw him away. I wonder if She'll ever do that to me. What would I do then?

The next night

*sigh* It was Greens again. I begin to think that green is Her favorite Color. So much of what She makes uses Greens. This morning She took us all out to work. For some reason She got six of us ready at once. Sticker already had Black in him. Rusty got a Blue I've never met before. I already had my Green in my eye. Then Ripper, Little Bastard and Bob all had Greens put in them.

One whiny little Lime-Green decided he was going screech when She stuck him in her mouth. The other Greens just sort of shook their ends at him. Little Bastard got him. I almost felt sorry for the brat. Little Bastard just growled at him, "Well after She spits on you, She sticks your germy ass in my eye. Who do you think has it worse? At least you'll be appreciated in the end. Me, She just puts away and won't even think about later. So shut up before I fray your ass." Supposedly Little Bastard was actually named by Her; after he bit Her a couple of times in one work-day. You can can see why he got that name.

When She was done with me today, She just left me stuck at work. She's not supposed to do that. It's against the rules, but She does it often enough that we've come to expect it if She's in the middle of a row and is too tired to work anymore. I think She was just called away this time. Honestly, I enjoy the vacation a little. Listening to the Colors talk is interesting. The Yellows just never shut up, though, so sleeping can be a bit difficult, but all in all, it's kind of fun. Afterward, all the others at home want to know what I heard, especially the 24's and 26's. They get so bored.

This time, the scuttlebutt is that She's almost done with this job. Apparently, She has a little bit more to do to the border and adding some Sparklies and She'll be ready to frame it. I've never quite figured out what framing is, exactly. I just know that it means we never see those particular Colors again. The Colors don't seem to be afraid, though, so I guess it's a good thing. Lugana was a little afraid of something called "stretching". She mentioned that She'd never done it before. I think Lugana's worried that She'll stretch her too far or something.

The next day

I got to finish this job. It's the first time I ever have. I mean, I didn't finish everything. The Sparklies were done by something I've never seen before. I tried talking to it, but it just looked down its eye at me. I guess they are just as snobby as the Purples. Rusty said they come in to take over from us whenever She deals with Sparklies. Rusty said the only time we deal with Sparklies is when they're really big. I guess we're too strong or big and we usually break them. I think Sparklies are pretty. I wouldn't want to hurt one.

A week later

Wow! It's been a week since we had to work. Lugana and all her Colors are gone. She has pulled something else out of Her bag. Rusty was the first to go to work this time. When he came back last night, he told us not to expect to see these Colors long. Apparently She has done this job before, but doesn't work very long on it before putting it away and working on something else.

The next day

I understand why She doesn't like this job. All of the Colors are so annoying. They're all over the place. And it's all Greys and light Purples. There are a few Blues, but they're all sucking up to the Greys and Blues. One Pink is just not talking to anyone. It's not that I want to be friends with them, but I at least want to be distracted from the in and out and in and out by something.


The story thus far has 1049 words. If anyone can't figure out what I'm writing about, let me know. I'm trying to be a bit obscure with it.

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